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Saturday, August 06, 2005

Harry Podder - Chapter 06 - Pratchet Demands Rowling's Head On Platter

http://harrypodderpodcast.blogspot.com - 5 August 2005 - Fun wizard news, Perth bloviates, and we promo another Harry Potter podcast!


Show Notes:

Harry Potter Podcast

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Blogger Harry Podder Podcasters said...

What a harrowing night! We've had nothing but technical difficulties since starting this chapter. First our software flaked out, then Terra needed four dozen takes (heh, yeah, it's all her fault!), then Feedburner freaked out all over our RSS feed. At first, it listed CNN's RSS feed as our MP3, but then it linked CNN's podcast as our podcast - complete with CNN album art. Once I deleted those entries Feedburner decided to double post and unenclose all the MP3s. It was nothing but fun and giggles over here all night long.

But now that we've banged all the doxies out, hopefully the RSS feed will work great for you. Be sure to email us if it doesn't.

Saturday, August 06, 2005  
Anonymous Moony said...

Hey, great podcast. I liked the fact on how you gave an unbiased and unembellished version of he Pratchet controversey. It was quite intelligent. I suppose I should go and visit Teria this week. I happen to be on good terms with that dummy in the window. :)


Tuesday, August 09, 2005  
Blogger Harry Podder Podcasters said...

Hey, Moony! Nice to hear from you again. We've tried contacting you at your website but the CGI pops up an error. Could you email us? We had some questions to ask you.


Tuesday, August 09, 2005  
Anonymous Moony said...

Oops, that's not my website. It's just one of my favorite sites, so I linked to it. I have noticed that it comes up in error on occasion. It did show up for me two days ago, but I guess it has been acting wonky lately. I would love to email you. I think I will do just that later this week.

I can't wait until Friday!


Wednesday, August 10, 2005  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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