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Saturday, October 01, 2005

Terra Trophy - Sick For Real

We had some people think that when we announced Terra was sick with a kidney infection we were just kidding! I suppose it might be easy to assume that. We tried to stay in character and called her illness the Magical Mumps and Floo Powder Flu. But the sickness is real and as you folks know we haven't missed a week since July until now. This kidney infection has hit Terra hard.

Terra returned to school three days ago. She's a good trooper, but the effort tuckered her out fiercely. She would come home from school, take a two-three hour nap, wake up to eat, do her homework, then go back to bed. She insisted on attending dance class on Thursday but it wiped her out cold. She's taking it easy this weekend and maybe, just maybe, we'll be able to start recording on Monday that podcast we had scripted three weeks ago.

We sure do appreciate all of you folks staying subscribed. We love entertaining you and miss putting out the show. Some have wondered why we just didn't do a show with Perth and Teria, but the truth is that Teria has her own podcast already! Harry Podder was Terra's baby. So it wouldn't be right to do it without her. Now she's terribly behind in school so we're worried about the fate of our little show.

Terra still needs your wellwishes. Please send them along to HarryPodder@gmail.com.

Oh, and Terra wanted me to ask you if any of you had figured out the secret of our names. I'll print them out for you here.

Perth Rotary Terra Trophy Teria Streek

Good luck!


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